A Bucket List Of Extreme Adventures

A Walk On The Wild Side – A Bucket List Of Extreme Adventures

There will always be people who want to push the envelope – who want to explore the very edges of what is possible and have fun doing it.

For those in search of extreme adventures there are certain places which exert a strong attraction. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to choose from among the myriad of destinations which would make up a bucket list for these folk – but here we’re going to give it a try.

1. Pack Up Your Winter Gear.

If you want to really experience cold unlike any other on the face of the planet then you should be heading off for Oymyakon in Russia. With a year round population of 500 this is the coldest inhabited place on Earth. The lowest winter temperature was recorded in 1924 and that was -96.16 degrees F. Better book ahead though – the town only has single hotel.

2. Pack The Water Bottle.

On the other side of the coin you have the driest place in the world – the Atacama Desert in Chile. According to meteorologists the desert can go for up to 15 years without seeing a single drop of rain. In fact television programs that try to mimic the surface of Mars are often filmed here. A hike in this place calls for extreme preparation and needless to say plenty of water should be carried.

3. Pack The Sunscreen.

Although the Atacama Desert is dry it’s not even close to the hottest place in the world. That honor goes to the Lut Desert in Iran. Even the most adventurous will whither under temperatures of 158 degrees F. If this is on your bucket list of extreme adventures good luck. Only the very hardiest of humans can survive in the this environment. You get lost – you die, simple as that.

4. Pack a Raincoat.

Once again we have a place that is possible the exact opposite of dry – Mawsynram, India. This town in India experiences 467 inches of rain in a year, making it the wettest place on the planet. It’s also in the subtropical zone and is renowned for its beauty – a perfect place for the adventurous traveler to visit.

If you want to build the perfect wild bucket list these places are only some of the remote wonders that Planet Earth has to offer – make your list today.